Marketing Art

Announced: May 2019

Platforms: Mobile


Blurring the lines of the virtual world and real life, we were delighted to team up with Microsoft on their newest expansion into augmented reality with Minecraft Earth. In celebration of Minecraft’s 10 year anniversary players of the franchise can create, explore and survive like never before.

Atomhawk worked closely with the team at Microsoft to deliver this stunning piece of marketing art for Minecraft Earth’s global announcement. Along with communicating a clear story of what the product is, the announcement art needed to excite Minecraft players about this new multiplayer experience they will embark on.


We mixed real-life photography and digital Minecraft assets, just like the game! Our team met with Microsoft and Dan Prince on location in Los Angeles to shoot hundreds of photos, which were then edited and pieced together in our UK studio to create the foundation of the artwork. A challenge we faced was adjusting the perspective of the photography elements and the digital elements to all fit together into a seamless piece of art.


On such a large scale multimedia piece, a lot of problem solving was necessary to achieve the final image, which involved a lot of stitching of photography and integration of 3D assets into the scene. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to direct the shoot in LA, it was great to work with the photographer and talent, who were all amazing to collaborate with.” – Matthias Kapuvari, Lead Artist


In addition to the announcement art, we also designed the logo with Minecraft Earth. The branding is fun and colourful, while still in keeping with the essence of Minecraft’s classic retro, pixel look.